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Veterinary Diagnostic Lab
Veterinary Diagnostic Reference Labs

Veterinary Diagnostic Reference Labs

Mass Histology Service, Inc. performs diagnostic veterinary histopathology and cytopathology for many independent veterinary reference labs throughout the country.  As for independent veterinary pathologists, Mass Histo offers this service for smaller diagnostic labs that do not have the volume of surgical specimens to justify a full-time anatomical pathology department.  In most cases, you will have a patholgy report back to your client within two (2) days of us receiving your surgical sample or cytology smear.  Our discounted rates will enable you to charge your client a fee that ensures you a profit yet is still lower than what our competitors charge.  All slides are read by one of several board-certified veterinary pathologists, each with areas of special interests. 

Our extensive diagnostic pathology service includes:

- Discounted, pre-addressed mail-in envelopes
- Free margin evaluations
- 1-on-1 consultations (your clients with our pathologists)
- Large and small animal necropsies
- Cytology evaluations
- Bone marrow and hematology diagnoses
- Tumor phenotyping using immunohistochemistry
- Free decalcification
- Re-cuts at reduced pricing

Our pathologists' areas of interest include:

- Dermatopathology
- Neoplasia
- Gastrointestinal pathology
- Surgical pathology
- Diseases of food animals
- Infectious diseases - Clinical pathology
- Cytology
- Endocrinology
- Diseases of swine
- Disorders of the CNS
- Bone pathology
- Peripheral nervous system disorders
- Diseases and anatomy of aquatic mammals
- Experimental and research pathology and diseases of laboratory animals
- Bone marrow examinations
- Comparative hematology
- Diseases of the feline
- Oncology
- Toxicological pathology
- Reptile pathology
- Amphibian pathology
- GI endoscopic biopsies
- Endometrial biopsies of horses and llamas
- Fungal diseases

We have experience with the following species:

- All domestic pets
- Rabbits
- Rodents
- Primates
- Large laboratory animals
- Horse and farm animals
- Zoo and exotic animals
- Birds
- Fish
- Reptiles

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