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Histology Testimonials
Histology Testimonials

Lab Work Pricing

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We offer a customized tiered pricing system to meet all your needs. Please see our pricing sheet for prices and details.

Another way of saving money is by doing some of the work yourself. The more work you do, the more money you save. We can process the specimen and cut and stain the slides for you, we can process the specimen and cut the slides for you to stain yourself or we can process the specimen for you to cut and stain. You tell us what you want and we'll do it for you.

Note: All cassettes must be identified and all specimens must be sent to us in accordance with State, Federal and MHS regulations. Please read and follow the few important instructions as outlined on our Sending Specimens page.

Service includes:

Three Tier Pricing System

Once again, MHS breaks new ground by offering our clients even more ways to control how much you spend on your histology budget.  For the first time anywhere, we are offering a tiered pricing structure in which YOU choose how much you spend:

Standard rates: Not in a hurry? Choose our standard service which includes our routine turn-around time and prices that are some of the lowest on Earth. All work is performed "first come, first served" but because of the popularity of these prices, standard sized projects can take from several weeks to up to a month or more to complete - especially on large projects.

Priority rates: In a rush or have a small job? Choose our priority service which puts your project next in line. With this service, we try to get your slides back to you within 2 weeks of receipt. Of course, this depends on how many Rush cases are in front of your order. Please don't call and ask for a definite date you'll get your slides. One large RUSH case can set back your priority order by a few days to up to a week!

Rush rates: You need it yesterday? Choose our rush service if you need your work finished as soon as possible. We will put our entire workforce on your project. Depending on the size of your project or stains requested, we try to get routine-sized projects back to you within a few days (weekends and holidays not included). Rush cases are also performed "first come, first served", so there are never any guarantees on exact turn-arounds.

Please note: These turn-around times are only for the technical work. If a pathology report is requested, please allow additional time for this.
Please call for specialized pricing: 877.944.4786 or 508.757.4800