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Independent Pathologist
Independent Pathologists

Independent Pathologists

Histology Services:  Mass Histology Service contracts with many independent pathologists and offers a variety of services to make your job easier.

Veterinary pathologists:  Mass Histo can accept your client's specimens directly from their facilities to ours.  We will log in the specimen, assign it your next assecion number, provide you with a gross description, photograph the specimen (if you want), process, embed, section and H&E stain the slide and send directly to you the slide and associated request form.  We offer:

24 hour turn-around on all routine cases
Free decalcification
Free inking of the surgical margins
All "special" stains
Many common diagnostic IHC stains
We will re-ciu and mail out referral slides for you
We will maintain a simple database for you

Human Pathologists:  Mass Histo can process any type of tissue for your specific needs.  Whether you're an independent forensic pathologist, researcher or a consulting pathologist, we can trim and process tissues, process your cassettes or simply section and stain pre-embedded tissues.  All slides can be stained with the routine H&E or a variety of "special" and IHC techniques.

Please contact us for detailed specifications on what services we can offer you.