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Histology Services
Histology Services

Histology Services

MHS offers a full menu of histopathological techniques. Although not a complete list, below are some of the services we offer. Something missing? Give us a call! We love to do new things for our clients. If we don't know how to do something you want, we'll learn it

We will prepare and stain any fluid for analysis. Our duel-certified veterinary pathologist will review the slide(s) and submit a detailed written report on his findings.

Cell blocks
We can suspend fixed single cells in an agarose matrix and then process and section them for H&E or IHC staining.

This doesn't simply mean "get rid of the calcium". Depending on the tests requested, MHS will use the correct chemicals to ensure excellent results throughout your experiment. Hydrochloric acid is used for rapid decalcification (usually for diagnostic specimens) and either formic acid or EDTA is used for research specimens (for superior morphology and / or antigenicity for IHC staining).

Frozen sections
We have 2 modern cryostats and have the capabilities of sectioning almost any type of specimen, including multiple core TMA sections. We can section and mount your specimens to custom orders such as placing 2 or 3 levels on one slide or spacing the sections to accommodate circling them with IHC pens.

Custom staining
MHS has the protocols, dyes and solutions for hundreds of routine and special staining techniques. Custom staining is also an option that we won't say no to. Need a trichrome combined with a reticulum stain? Ask us and we'll try it. This is the same for IHC staining.

Tissue trimming
Unsure where the sciatic nerve is or where the mandibular lymph nodes are in the neck of a mouse? Send us the whole animal and your list of organs needed and we'll do the trimming for you. We'll even come to your facilities if you'd like.

Paraffin sectioning
90% of our work is the routine processing and embedding to paraffin block and we offer many options in this service. To save yourself some money, you can trim the tissues and place them in your own labeled processing cassettes. You can even perform your own processing and paraffin infiltrating and embedding and ask us just to do the sectioning. If you choose to do this, be sure to read our disclaimers to ensure good results. We strongly suggest, however, that you let us trim and process your tissues. The quality of the finished slide is highly determined by the proper trimming technique as well as the correct processing cassettes, processing solutions and infiltrating and embedding paraffins and processing schedules.

Quality tissue sectioning
We know that most of the work we produce at MHS will sooner or later be presented in a text book, publication, poster or just to your advisor or supporter. Because of this, we try to make all sections free of folds, wrinkles, knife lines or other artifacts. All routine and special stains are performed under strict conditions and each slide is inspected and signed off by an assigned quality control technician.

Normal histology slide sets
Mass Histology can supply you with H&E-stained and "special"-stained sections of normal organs and tissues for your basic histology classes. Contact us with your list of slides you'd like to include in your slide sets.

Diagnostic veterinary services
MHS offers a personalized, economical, high quality biopsy service to veterinary surgeons and research labs throughout the country. All slides are read by a board-certified veterinary pathologist. We have several available, each with areas of special interests. Free formalin containers in postage-free mailing tubes are available to all of our clients. Please see our detailed page explaining all the services we offer veterinary surgeons.